giovedì 22 gennaio 2015

Nibiru New Evidence 2015 – “It IS Coming!” Prepare For ”Two Suns!”(Video)

Nibiru Nuove prove 2015 - "E 'sta arrivando!" Prepararsi (Video) "due soli!"
Нибиру Новые данные 2015 - "он идет!" Готовиться к (Видео) "двух солнц!"
Nibiru的新证据2015 - “它来了!”作准备(视频)“两个太阳!”

More pictures of Nibiru in 2015, I have many different videos and pictures sent to me on a daily basis, I will continue to put these videos up. Universe TV

Discovery Science ”presents several observations of two bodies in the Planet X system. Nemesis the small brown dwarf companion to our own sun and it’s outermost orbital, Nibiru. Nibiru has been imaged from surveillance cameras in Costa Rica since 2010 and in this video, observations in the USA from 2013 and 2014,2015 are also presented. All of these observations place these two bodies in this system in or near the constellation Ophiuchus, exactly as predicted by Nostradamus.”

“It IS Coming!” Prepare For ”Two Suns!”

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